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How do I promote myself and my work so as to get work?

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  • How do I promote myself and my work so as to get work?

    Hey there, I am a new-ish member to this forum. Been trying to get my work out there, but truth be told aside from having a short, 4-page comic that got published by an indie comic company I must admit I am clueless as to how to find more work.

    A little bit about me (not going in depth cuz this isn't the place):
    I got published last year (the aforementioned 4-page comic, part of a collaboration) and aside from that, I mostly dabble in prose style writing. I also work part time, which while not insurmountable, limits the time I have to write.

    I am seeking advice on how to best promote myself on this forum, and I need advice badly because I have no idea what I'm doing! I'm extroverted in life but professionally I am more of an introvert.

    Please... help.

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    If you want to promote yourself on this site, just post your work. There are weekly sketch groups as well as specific forums for posting said work.
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      Were you just the writer on the four pager? Sadly in this biz when you're starting out writers tend to have to pay artists to bring their work to life. Publish enough stuff like that and you can eventually get hired for paid work as a writer.

      If you're an artist as well (or a writer looking for an artist) check out groups such as

      This lists comic anthologies you can submit to:

      For short story prose submissions there's

      You can always sub-publish as well. Throw something up on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing, or Kickstart a comic.

      Anyway it goes, it's a good idea to have your work available online somewhere for all to see.

      But as for this forum, what amadarwin said. Post the specific kind of work you do in the right forum. If you're promoting something for sale, say that comic your four pager is in, that would go in the Bulletin Board forum.
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        I have to ask why you, as a writer, want to have an artist coming between you and the reader. Any competent artist of a comic book story is not merely illustrating a script, but is fully collaborating in the storytelling, interpreting the story as he or she comprehends it. The artist's concept of the story may not be the same as your concept.

        If you stick to prose form fiction the story is all yours.

        If you want to engage in visual storytelling but are unable to draw, you might want to look into screenwriting.

        If you are hooked on comics and committed to getting your stories published as comic book stories, you will have an easier time selling yourself to a comic book company or finding an artist to collaborate with if you build some professional writing credits. Get some stories published by magazines like Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, and so on.


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          Get on Twitter and insta and network among creators – I see loads of gigs and opportunities out there. Hell, the only thing between me and a sequential strip is A) a writer, and B) time. Only I can solve the last one (with my kids help), but there's plenty of artists with only the A problem who'd love to collaborate.

          Get in touch with some small press companies too – they love to get new blood in. I've done bits of work for Junction City Comics – I'm sure if you pitched them a book (and are any good) they'd put it out, and hook you up with an artist.
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            Thank you all for your input. To answer Mark's question, I could use to learn screenwriting if it'll help me be a better comic writer. If you'd all like, I can look for the file with my four-page debut and post a link so you can see what my current technique is like...

            EDIT: Found it! Link is here-let me know if it doesn't work! Cyber-Raid1.docx
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              To answer your question of how to promote yourself on this forum - partiipate in the Writing labs at
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