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  • Author making jump to comics

    Hi everyone,

    I'm pretty sure I was registered on PJ years back, but can't find any trace of me, so I've registered again.

    I'm Barry Hutchison, an author from the Highlands of Scotland. You can read about some of my work at I've also written books based on then Ben 10 and Generator Rex cartoons, as well as lots of other ghost-written stuff.

    My latest book has a quote from Neil Gaiman on the cover. NEIL GAIMAN. I could die happy at that, if it wasn't for my burning desire to get into writing comics. I'm working on a few things at the moment, and have some artists on board, but I'm always looking to learn new things and PJ seemed like a good place to do it.

    You can check out one of my projects at It's taking a loooong time to get anywhere, but we'll get it finished some day. I hope.



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    Hi Barry,

    A hearty welcome to ya!

    I like your writing and comic sites! Very good info & writing advice on the former & good luck with publishing the latter!

    Haven't been on PJ that long myself, but sure you'll find the comic industry advice and pointers you're looking for!
    So many ideas, so little time...


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      Thanks for the welcome, Chris!


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        welcome! i have checked out some of your works and i must say that you have the real talent at writing so i guess that makes you good at books or comics alike! i am very interested in your works and i will actually start reading on them soon. i know that for some it is a challenge to jump to comics but you seem like you have the talent and the experience for it so goodluck and i hope that you make more work that will surely capture interest of other readers too


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          Welcome aboard to Penciljack and the Comic Book Industry.
          Jack Kirby Centennial Tribute Book is free to download.

          Joining you in the ABCs of faith - Action, Belief and Confidence


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            Hey Barry, welcome to PJ !
            Writing Contest Entries


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              Hey Barry:

              Read the first 12 pages of Gangrene. I like your writing style; it has a grittiness to it that fits this particular genre of comics. I want more.

              Have you considered relaunching your fundraiser over on kickstarter?

              David C


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