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lots of free time, been trying to come up with my own Batman fanfic

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  • EddieChingLives
    Yes. Run with this. RUN WITH THIS!

    Be careful letting the air out of an idea on here. Keep it underground so the pressure builds up and you turn this into an outline and then a few pages and so forth.

    And remember, Sam Raimi wanted to make The Question and Phantom of the Operah, but couldn't get the rights so he created DarkMan.

    Keep gathering the details and have them UNFOLD in an entertaining, compelling, and surprising way for the reader to follow. Like bread crumbs. Keep introducing elements to expand the world as they go.

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  • lots of free time, been trying to come up with my own Batman fanfic

    I have planned to make my own Batman fan comic book. My drawing is really subpar, I was thinking about it and I probably have potentional at least so I am going to spend a whole month drawing nonstop I guess because I really want to get better at drawing for a variety of reasons where there I will attempt afterwards to write and draw my own Batman fan fiction.

    I have always really liked the Ultimate Marvel line and was really interested in making something vaguely like that but instead featuring Batman. I have only been going over rough ideas and outlines for now but I don't have the whole story but I am always told that I have a really edgy way of going about things whatever that means and I think I can possibly come up with a different slant on the character. I have always really liked Batman, anime, manga and action films so I would take a lot of influence from all of that.

    I thought that recently maybe it is a disservice to give more detail to the criminal underworld but I tried thinking about what that really carries with it and involved so I would feature more of a fleshed out criminal underworld overall I guess. Like I was thinking that Gotham is supposedly this really crime ridden place but it's never really looked at more deeply then that so that's what I am doing, I want the city and it's inhabits to be integral characters and aspects of the plot as well.

    I imagined all these gangs existing, there would be kind of a No man's land scenario, but it would be at the start of the story, and this would be Batmans early days. I would take a lot from politics and social issues that are current today. I had thought that Gotham itself does not really lose its jurisdiction as a regular place but fights for and gains it's indepedence and I imagined that Gotham would be kind of separatist. I thought that there would be a large socialist element in Gotham, which is why Aekham asylum attempts to rehabilitate criminals instead of locking them away for life. I also imagined that the city has a lot of control over it's journalistic press and is heavily monitored and manipulated so,the outside world does not realize what problems the city has on a deeper level. But this would entail criminal activity at course.

    I imagined that at some point during the beginning alot everyone has some association or is involved with some type of gang or notorious criminal activity just to stay afloat and survive. Batman then would be like this lone ranger sheriff kind of figure, but he is not altogether really popular with everyone.

    I also imagined the police are a lot harsher, I saw this video of a anime that was called "far right wing death squads" it was a song too, and that's kind of how I imagined the police at one point, they sort of become this right wing squad that many would rather not have get involved in the scene. This would be pretty regular and the police are never really portrayed on average as good guys but this kind of weird squadron that would exist intrinsically as an unpredictable part of the police force.
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