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    Hello. I am just getting started so I figured I should start from the beginning: with self publishing, and try to build up an audience from there, but I am new to this world. I know that I need to get on Comixology. The rest if a little sketchy.

    I was looking at Amazon's Createspace for on-demand printing, but not sure if that is the best idea. Also, does Kindle work good for comics, or do I just let comixology handle the virtual publishing?

    Also not sure if starting a Kickstarter etc. would be a good idea when no one knows who I am yet. Do unknowns get funded?

    I was also looking at, who could handle Amazon and Apple for me, as well as post my book on their site, and get me a free ISBN, but I am not certain if it is better to just submit to Amazon and Apple myself.

    Also, if I do Print On Demand, would that work for Diamond Distribution?

    I was also looking at but I dont like their scroll down platform that would not work so well (my graphic novel is 140 pages long.) Or should I rethink that?

    Any tips?
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    Only one I have direct experience with. Pretty easy. You submit a high resolution PDF, series cover image, and a small version of the issue's cover. If it's approved, it gets put up for purchase in a...forget how long exactly. One to three months?

    If you're an unknown you need to do a hell of a lot of promoting on various social media sites. Best to look at successful Kickstarters and see how they did things. Having previously backed comics yourself would help as well. You scratch their back, they scratch yours. A lot comes down to the logistics of how much printing and shipping the comics will come to (not sure how many purely digital comics get funded though that's always the cheapest option for backers).

    Even though Amazon owns Comixology, when you submit to Comixology the comic doesn't appear on Amazon's site. For that there's this:

    This is kind of old now but:

    No clue about Blurb or Apple.
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      For print on demand, I've used a few over the years: ComiXpress (which has been dead for quite a few years now), Ka-Blam, and even Blurb. Blurb has really nice quality, even for print on demand. But, their per unit cost is way too expensive to make it feasible to re-sell. A new company I recently discovered who I am planning to have print some hard cover books for me is I haven't used them yet, but they look good on paper so to speak.

      Over the last couple years I have used and continued to go to: They have printed my fantasy calendar for the last three years, which is saddle-stitched. Most recently they printed my Realm Ethereal "The Dream Awakens" graphic novel. It's a perfect bound softcover book, 60+ pages with UV coated cover, full color printing, sized at 9" x 12". They have a 25 quantity minimum order, and it's print on demand. Pretty darn nice quality for the price and the print method. I highly recommend them. Very good customer service. They are in Michigan and I live in California, never ever a problem getting my books to me. You can go to their website and plug in some quantities and sizes and get an online estimate for your print books.

      But, they only print what you send them, they won't provide an ISBN. You'd have to get buy one yourself and I guess build it into your design. I guess the advantage of using the Blurb's and Amazon is that they will add an ISBN for you, then list you on their websites or Amazon.

      Personally, my approach has been to go to my local comic books shops and have them carry my books. I'm lucky there are two where I live here in Monterey, CA. They both are carrying my 2021 calendars and I'm about to see if they'll carry my new graphic novel.
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        Thanks for these tips. I was not aware of Mixam and Greko.
        Wow, there are a lot of choices here (sigh....). Considering all of the pros and cons could take awhile. Here's what I got so far:

        ComiXpress has indeed shut down and I read a bad review of Bookbaby and it has a 400 dollar set up fee!

        Here's a good review site in case anyone was wondering:

        and also some good advice here:

        I was thinking about using Ingramspark so that I could get into their store distribution network -- although, that is also something that Blurb handles as well. However, Ingram's books are returnable, which the stores like, but Blurb's are not. (It would be nice at least having the chance to get into stores other than my neighborhood). However, ingram has a 50 dollar set up fee and I have to get my own ISBN. Also, because Blurb offers a free ISBN and amazon and apple Ibook setup I was thinking about going with them, but I read an online review of someone complaining about the grainy picture quality but it sounds like that may be wrong based on what Rene said. I am wondering if the free isbn counteracts the per-unit cost? Plus they have no setup fee, and a volume order discount. I am tempted to just go through Blurb and just be done with it. Especially because ISBNs can get expensive. (and especially when doing different formats and more than one book). But I am wondering what price that I will pay for that quick convenience. Their pricing system is not as clear as it could be. But then again, its not like any of us are doing this for the money. But it sure would be nice to at least break even.


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          Update: I just found out that Blurb has horrible reviews. Watch out!


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            Has anyone here used Brenner in San Antonio, Texas? The creative team behind "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" use that printing company, and recommended them to me around 2001.

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              Originally posted by Ace Corona View Post
              Has anyone here used Brenner in San Antonio, Texas? The creative team behind "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" use that printing company, and recommended them to me around 2001.

              That looks like an offset printing place that would require some kickstarter funds to buy into. The good thing about some of the previously mentioned companies is that they not only specialize in comics/graphic novels but they do print on demand, which is less risky. (I have heard of self-published authors who have got stuck with inventory that they cant move).


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                Do you have any samples of your art online?
                sketchbook thread


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                  Originally posted by battlewraith View Post
                  Do you have any samples of your art online?
                  Hi. Thanks for asking. I just posted a link on the Sequential Art forum.


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