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Advice on what to charge - translation + lettering gig

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  • Advice on what to charge - translation + lettering gig

    Hi guys!

    So I've been offered a job by a Swedish artist who does satirical comics. He gets published in various newspapers in Sweden, and now he wants to try reaching a broader audience by translating his comics into English. I applied for the job and auditioned by translating a few of his comics, and he was pleased enough to offer me the job. Now he wants to know what my rate is, and I don't really know what would be a reasonable price to ask for. I've never done this sort of work before. I was hoping PencilJack had some advice for me.

    What's reasonable to ask for a translation like this? Considering I'm also lettering by hand in photoshop, should I charge more? What about if he decides to publish the translated comics as a book, does the translator and/or letterer usually make anything from that? If so, is that something that would have to be worked out in advance? Is he obligated to give me credit as translator in such a scenario, or is that also something that would need to be worked out in advance?

    Any advice would be really appreciated!

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    Negotiate! Find out how long it takes you to do the job. Figure out what minimum wage would be per hour for where you work. That is your bottom line, period. Try to get more than that. You are bringing two talents (lettering and speaking another language) to the table so ask for more on that fact alone. Start high and see what kind of counter offer he makes. If he balks, then offer to do a certain amount of pages at a lower rate, and renegotiate later if he likes the end product. He is opening a new market to his comic. Whether it is for financial or person gain, it's obviously worth it to him.
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      Veritable has it right.

      The minimum is your low end. Do not go below that. Multiply that by 3 to get your high end.

      Why 3? Education, experience and the work.
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