Solestar has successfully reached it's Kickstarter goal. Still time to contribute. 8 more hours to go to reach it's stretch goals. Here's the page I drew for the project.

I used this as an opportunity to draw completely digital again in Adobe Illustrator and to use the perspective grid tool. I found out some interesting things.

The perspective tool can only be used once per page (you have to release the art to use it again).*

It's really difficult to get the drawn straight lines to line up on the grid, unlike Manga Studio where it snaps into place!

I copied the background from panel 2 and moved it down to panel 4. To my surprise the perspective adjusted itself. It's not going to the exact vanishing points as panel 2. It seems to have created a ghost set of vanishing points relative to panel 4. Since I didn't position it in the exact same place the perspective has changed a little, so it keeps it from having that cut and paste look. Again this was not planned.

After that happy accident I released the art from the grid and cut and pasted to panel 3.

I'm interested in other's experiences with the tool. Has this happened to anyone else?