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  • Gesture detail

    Im using online gesture drawings to practice gestures. Ive also taken life drawing sessions. I notice that after 30 seconds I still have stick figures with maybe a circle for the chest and circle for the head.

    I look at other artists and they have full bodies, some with detail some none.

    My question is when I gesture drawing should the aim be the position or to fill in the position? I mean ive seen professionals sketch and they can get a good rough in. Now if im drawing from my brain I can probably get a very loose sketch but nothing detailed.

    As I draw more and more, do I start drawing faster as a result from practice?

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    gesture drawing is simply drawing the gesture, its about capturing the motion and not the details of the figure. very loose, messy and simply drawing the motion and energy of the figure.
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      The reason you would get faster is because your mind and you muscles will learn from the strokes and as time goes on you wont need as many strokes to get what you want. You'll draw faster because you will be drawing smarter. a gesture sketch for me is whatever I need it to be, but its always about the line. fluid curves or geometric angles etc. I get as clear a picture in my head of what I am going to draw and then as I put my pencil to paper I imagine I'm tracing the figure in my head with my pencil on the page. Focusing on understanding and exagerating the lines.
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        #1 - Gesture drawing is just that. Getting down the gesture. If you're quick, then yeah, you may have time to fill in more details, but if all you can get in is the key parts of the body and their locations within the gesture, you're doing fine.

        #2 - You will get faster (and better) over time. The more you draw (practice) the better you get, just like anything. People improve at different rates, so don't get discouraged - getting discouraged is really the only thing that can hinder your art.
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          Draw what it's doing not what it is. And try to keep telling your mind that :P

          If you want more details then do 3min or 5minute poses.
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