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Are there any sample scripts available for drawing: Marvel, DC, etc....

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  • Are there any sample scripts available for drawing: Marvel, DC, etc....

    I'm not too sure if this topic has been discussed before, but I'm just basically looking for scripts that will be IDEAL to sample from for publishers such as Marvel, DC, and whoever else accepts artist/penciler samples. I wanna begin to brush up on my sequential skills in terms of pencil.... it's been a while since I did samples and I wanna get some feedback. Plus, I wanna know if they accept random stories about there characters, of course 3-4 pages in samples, that are not official scripts? Lastly, when sending in samples, I know to take photocopies, but should I print them the regular 11 inch bristol board size or is it okay to do 8.5 x 11(cause that's what I'm working with at times).... or do they not care?

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    You don't need official scripts to submit portfolio samples.

    Yes you should mail in full size photocopies. Inkers should also include both the pencils and inks. If you are working at 8.5" x 11" for sequential art you are doing it wrong and your work will suffer for it.

    Check out more about putting your portfolio together here.

    Scripts? There are no ideal scripts. but you want scripts, here they are at The Comic Script Archive.
    Jack Kirby Centennial Tribute Book is free to download.

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      Also, there have been a few Marvel/DC writing contests, with the intent of having 5 page scripts or excerpts of scripts that can be used as portfolio pieces or just practice.

      The most recent contest is here.
      Writing Contest Entries


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