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Any perspective exercises I can do?

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  • Any perspective exercises I can do?

    I'm taking a life drawing class, and doing the 30 sec pose exercise on Posemaniacs at least 10 minutes a day, but I realized my perspective could use some work. So are there any exercises I could do to practice my perspective?
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    Perspective is technical, not intuitive or subjective.

    You just have to learn the rules.

    Pick up a book in the library or buy one at the bookstore.
    Jack Kirby Centennial Tribute Book is free to download.

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      I've been going through Vanishing Point, which if I recall was pretty cheap on Amazon. It explains all the rules and has exercises at the end of the chapters that you can follow along in kind of a step by step process as you learn the rules. I think it's helped me quite a bit so far, though I really do need to use the rules more often.
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        Perpsective! For Comic Book Artists by David Chelsea is pretty solid. The book is basically a series of lessons provided to a character within the narrative, so if you follow along at the same time you'll perform various exercises intended to pass on the basics.

        As Symson says, perspective is a technical subject, with defined rules and applications. It's basically applied mathematics.

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