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    A figure study doubling as a WSG entry. I believe the head is too big. And the Croquis Cafe model was nude, so you can probably tell I faked the bikini based on a separate reference image. Any suggestions, especially on making the bikini and horns more believable? Painted in Gimp.

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    The face looks off on her left side. It's not that apparent because it's in shadow, but the eye looks higher than the other side and the structure of the cheekbone looks different as well.
    The bikini should have tension in it if it's fitted at all properly. The lines of the bra that go up to the shoulder shouldn't curve and there would be some indentation where the strap is pulling on the body, both on the neckline area and the side of the torso where it wraps around. For larger breasts, the cups will be generally be lifting the mass of the breast up and maybe bringing them closer together (resulting in cleavage, not always though). For smaller breasts, the cups would still be conforming to the surface and pressing the mass towards the ribcage. Yours look like objects that are floating on the surface.

    Your horns look slightly misaligned. Her head looks tilted slightly to our right but the horns are tilted slightly to our left. Devil horns are usually placed below the hairline on the rounded part of the skull right above the brow line. Maybe midway between the eyebrow and the hairline.
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      Thanks. I had trouble finding the right angle for the eyes considering the slight turn and tilt of the head. I pulled down a horizontal guide to get it at least pretty close. Yeah, I'm going to revisit the bikini and horns. I was never happy with them. And her right side rib cage is off among other issues I'm seeing today. This version was to make it for last week's Weekly Sketch Group.
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        Hope you don't mind a quick draw over pell! I'm on a bit of a lady drawing spree lately!
        hope its all legible!

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          Thanks, I agree with everything. Too bad I'm not allowed to post the reference image. It would help with critiques. But they are adamant, and I would get banned from the service.
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