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  • Spider-Man Noir Pinup

    Hey there. I am struggling a bit with this pinup drawing. The hands and coat are giving me some trouble. I would appreciate some feedback and cc. Thank you.

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    This looks really good! I like the hand you already did... between the two hands, that's the one that would cause me trouble. Here's a quick drawover I did:

    The coat looks good. I scribbled out one line that I think is unnecessary. And you had the rope and the gun in the same hand, but it looks like the other hand was already drawn letting go of the rope so I put the rope there.


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      Thanks for the kind words. Initially I wasn’t going to include the gun, but your edit convinced me to. I really appreciate you taking the time to work over the image.

      Here’s my progress so far. The gun turned out a bit sloppy, so I’m considering adding some screen tones on top, and maybe for part of his outfit. Not sure if using screen tones for the entire thing would look like overkill. I will have to do some experimenting I guess.

      I’m considering using some kind of graphic shape as a framing device, so he’s not just floating on the page. Maybe a thick panel or something.


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        The trouble in the coat is in the lapels and flaps, we can't tell if he's moving up, down, forward or back. The lapels say he's going up, his left flap says he's going down and backwards, the right flap says forward and sideways. A traditional "noir" Mac is unconstructed, round out the shoulders.

        The left hand is huge, the head's a bit small. His right leg, by virtue of being more parallel to our view, needs to be "shorter" than the left in order to be the same length.

        To sell noir, consider the old Mort Meskin trick of starting with a black page and then picking out the white areas



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