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    I dig the design of this. And I like your line quality. Is some or all of it vector graphics?
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      This came out looking really good!
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        Nice vibrant color, but I believe the background & T-rex should not be there. You can keep her and the rock she's standing on, but not the background and T-rex. If you want them together, her & rock's perspective need to be upshot. Thus making all her half ellipses pointing up. Dang, English is hard as drawing.


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          Originally posted by pell View Post
          I dig the design of this. And I like your line quality. Is some or all of it vector graphics?
          Thanks! I always ink with vector lines in Manga Studio 5.


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            More consistency in your proportions, please.

            As discussed in your Colossus thread, fear not the wonk, wonky is great. But, even wonky needs inner consistency. Heads=height. If Colossus is 6 heads (which is great) then Rogue needs to 5 heads or, cut in half; What you call her crotch should be her base line, her feet. If Rogue is 10 heads (which is great) then Colossus needs to be 12-13 heads or, twice as tall as he is with no change in head size.

            Exceptions can be made when you have a reason. As an example: My humans are 8 heads while my Hulk is 3-4 heads (5 if he's stretched out which he rarely does) This is a clue to the readers that the Hulk is a "monster"; humanoid but not human. The X-folk may be homo superior but are, largely, human in appearance and need consistent proportions.

            On another note, no silicone on Rogue. Breasts are not circular or spherical (yuck) They're, well, breast shaped, teardrops.


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              Thanks for the tips, I'm trying to get these proportions better!


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