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  • Spider-Man

    Another one I want to check with you guys. Thanks in advance.

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    I like the design of the background. But for an illustration of Spider-Man, the camera angle and pose seems pretty mild and rigid for one of Marvel's most dynamic characters.
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      Yeah make sense. Thanks. Maybe only works for a panel.


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        Gotta vote with Pell. That's not Spider-Man. That's Namor, or Aquaman, swimming his way to a costume party.

        If this were Spider-Man, Peter Parker would be under the suit. His posture would be unobtainable and every bone would appear to be broken. He'd look creepy, weird... spidery. The people on the building would be pelting him with tomatoes and rotten fruit while screaming at him to get lost. Except for his arch enemy, Flash Thompson, everybody hates Spider-Man.

        For years I couldn't draw Batman because I had no idea who Bruce was. Then I met Batman and the Black Widow at a Burger King. OK, so they were a couple of ruck-sackers from Belgium but, I'm telling you it was Bruce and Tasha undercover. Now that I know who Bruce is, I can draw Batman. Moral of the story: Never draw Superman, Batman or Spider-Man. Draw Kal, Bruce, Peter and then put the uni on after. We want to draw inside out; you worked outside in. Forget about what you're drawing, concentrate on who. Nail the who and the what will take care of itself.


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          Thank you! Wonder what the couple was wearing or doing..


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            I like what you did here, but I'd have to agree with Pell and Smitty that this probably isn't the best way to tackle Spider-Man. I believe that one of Spider-Man's greatest attributes is his agility and since Marvel and comics in general are all about drawing their characters in dynamic, action-packed poses, it would be a good idea to exploit that. Especially with Spidey. I would personally move his arms and legs around a bit and try to get something a bit more dynamic out of Spidey.


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              Yep, for sure. thanks.


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                When my drawings are too stiff, I like to loosen up by drawing a Spider-Man or two. He gives you an excuse to do those wacky poses. Stretch those legs out there!


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