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  • Colossus

    Trying to show and improve on a new attempt at an image from a few years ago.


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    I'm not sure if your proportions are intentional or boo-booed. If 5 head tall wonky proportions are what you meant, CARRY ON, wonky rocks! If your proportions are boo booed... if ever there was a character perfect for 8-9 heads, Colossus is it.

    Beware GI Joe snap-on doll arms. Fit biceps into the body.

    Watch your centerline. Shoulders and hips can point in different directions but you have to turn the belt in-between. If we follow the curve of your sternum it goes through the middle of your buckle. Your hips haven't moved which means the crotch can't move either. Center the crotch.

    There's nothing to say he's lifted his left leg. This means we have the same angle on both legs. Reverse segment curve's on left leg.

    If we look down on the legs and up at the belt then we're staring straight into his crotch (EEK) Lift horizon above the belt (or below the knee)



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      Thanks for taking the time to do that drawover, Smitty! I'm sorry I wasn't clear, but the first image was the newer one. I did take your suggestions, andchange the direction of the leg lines as well as center the left eye, for what I hope is an improvement. I also left out all that distracting background noize:


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