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Figure in perspective WIP help !!!

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  • Figure in perspective WIP help !!!

    This pic is a self imposed challenge. The challenge being to complete a relatively complicated picture with many details. I tend to be very lazy and skip and fudge details quite a bit. So much so that I mostly characters in bodysuits that essentially have me drawing naked anatomy studies with a line to signify gloves and boots. Enter Iron Man. I fought my way though and I am stuck on his trailing leg. I am having trouble selling the foreshortening / perspective. My dog just ate the pen to my intuos pad so while I wait for the replacement I figured I'd recruit some help from PJ..

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    If his left leg is going away from us, the ellipses on the leg armour should be the other way around. Works like a tube in perspective.
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      Dude, that thing's bigger than a king sized BED! 600 pixels at 72 dpi (approx 8 inches) is more than big enough. Esp for a wip.

      Great start, nice twist, love the forward hand but it doesn't really hang together as a solid piece.

      I've always said "life is an 'S'" but you've bordered on a "G" The top and bottom don't line up. If we keep the lower legs we can work it into a Kirby hover pose. If we keep the chest light we can do a Gil Kane type flight pose. If we want the character coming at us and start with an "S" centerline that goes through the entire figure, everything below the chin needs to go.



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        I see said the blind man ... I was trying so hard to create an "original " pose and add detail I lost sight of the underying form. So many Iron man poses look similar i wanted one that read Iron Man but was a "twist" on it, hence the extreme body twist ... get it ? Anyhoo ... I should get my replacement pen by the end of the week. the goal will be to keep most of the upper torso ( fixing the direction of his right hand ) and continue a strong gesture line through the legs which I will re- work incorporating the sage advice of one mister Smitty. Hell its easy to be original if you"re doing it wrong !!


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          I Say Draw! got do it...wax on..wax off...
          Keep that Pencil Busy!


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