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  • arg help me decide!

    O.k., as some of you know, I'm doing an art show this weekend; I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which layout for this picture that I would like to use, so I need some fresh eyes. Do you like the vertical or horizontal way? Thanks in advance!

    Digitally painted in Photoshop CS4, Wacom Bamboo Fun. Little tablet, but gets the job done! 11x17, going to be giclee or canvas printed.

    Whole picture, vertical:


    Thank you PJ! P.s., I know I haven't posted sketches yet, but my Pummel piece is coming along pretty good...I'll upload after this weekend!
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    I definately have to go with the vertical. I like the halo effect you got, and the vertical really shows that off well.
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      Hyde's right about the vertical, but I also like it because it shows more story. The heart on her shirt, cut apart, plus her downcast look. Adds more depth. Your painting is super tight btw - this could almost be a 3d render! Nice work.
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        I'd say go with the vertical, IF you crop the top a little bit. I feel like there's a bit too much headroom there. Click the link in my sig if you don't know what I'm talking about. As it is, the horizontal feels like a better composition.


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          the horizontal is intriguing (which is good) but you sacrifice a lot of info. the heart shape is a nice hook and my eye was drawn to it so my vote goes to vertical. best of luck with your show.

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            Looks like you designed it to be vertical and the horizontal is an after thought or second guessing your self.

            Stay with the vertical.
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              Deciding from these two alone I say vertical, mainly b/c the horizontal is so tightly cropped.
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                Thank you guys, it has really helped me! I appreciate all the help and kind words. It means a lot, and has def. helped out. Yes, originally, it was going to be vertical, but I figure why not experiment a bit, because I liked her face.

                @ Electronicron, I actually had to show a friend the process, because he thought I just took a poser model and threw a filter on it and was done lol.

                Here is a new crop, following the cropping suggestions that Orphangrinder said:

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                I'm always down to help, so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask away.

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                  Hi there, it is really great stuff. Amazing skills. And I agree with the all the guys that the vertical is the one to go for.

                  But taking that you are already experimenting with new crops I would suggest trying to move her out of the middle towards left, which might support the angle created by her bent head. In other words take the original vertical pic and take off some of the left part. This might be just my taste but I like to take photos following this "scheme".

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