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  • Catwoman WIP

    Wanted to get some feedback. Rip it up!

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    Great start! The head torso and pelvis look great. Left arm isnt quite long enough from shoulder to elbow and likewise elbow to wrist. Take some extra time and ref. the hands for sure. Right arms shoulder seem distended, tuck it in a bit. Right arms forearm bubbles up a bit to much for my taste and the fingers are spread out to much. The left leg I think needs toned down on the curves. Its starting to lose its form for me, not much just a little less exagerrated. Anyway those are my thoughts. Looks great tho!
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      Looks pretty good, but one thing that really jumps out at me is the fingers of her left hand (on her hip). They all seem to be the same size.
      Another thing that's a bit less obvious is how some of her proportions have slightly different sizes, like her head and arms vs. her lower torso and hips/legs.


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        Good notes both of you. I totally agree on the leg issue. I'll work on adjusting the arms/hands as well. Thanks guys!


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          Her right arm is well placed at the shoulder and placement but too short, out of proportion. Her left arm is closer to proportion, maybe slightly too short, thin and pointy at the elbow, but more apparent is the placement of the shoulder is stuck out far too much, and the back far too pronounced, making it look a bit distorted. The
          I love the pose and face, and what you are going for in this, and I hope you make these revisions as it could really make this an amazing piece.
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            Very good


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              Here's an update based off the feedback. I'm still working on the shadows and highlights on the costume. I still don't like her left hand.


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