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  • Assassins Creed Sketch

    Hi PJer's,

    I've been checking out this forum for awhile now and it has inspired me to pick up a pencil.

    Please spare a minute of you time to check out my sketch of Ezio from Assassins Creed. Any crits/comments you can offer are appreciated.

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    Ezio's clothing is nicely detailed. Flesh out the rest of your sketch a bit more - at this point, the composition could go a number of ways.
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      The armor looks really good. nice detail. I'd pay attention to how everything is turned. Example the sword at his hip seems to face the camera directly, instead of pointing back into the image. Also his arms and legs seem too thing for his chest. His legs also may be too short. He kind of looks like his lips are pouting.
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        Thanks guys. I originally misjudged the length of his legs so decided to have him emerging through a smoke bomb to disguise it. Your are right, his legs do need to be longer still. I'll get cracking with all your advice and repost soon.


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          looks like a great start. Having never played the game i think i remember it taking place in the thick of building and I think you should bring the building in closer.
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            Sweet sketch so far. I'm looking forward to the finished piece.

            Here are some things I noticed:

            The sword is on the wrong side. Ezio is right handed and wears both the sword and the dagger on the left. Also I don't think the sheath would be as pointed as you drew it so far. These things are usually made from a thick leather or even wood covered in leather so you wouldn't get such a sharp edge there.

            Ezio would also have a couple of bags and pouches on his belt for the smoke bombs, his money, ammunition and throwing knives.

            That halberd would be awfully hard to carry as Ezio is doing here. The handle should be much longer for good leverage. Also I don't remember the halberds in the game having this funnel like thing that covers Ezio's hand. That's something I'd expect on a jousting lance.

            Is Ezio missing (part of) his right hand ring finger? As I recall Ezio's finger was not cut off because the new design of the hidden blade does not require that any more. In AC2 his finger is merely branded as a reference to the missing fingers of his ancestors.

            Will you give Ezio the mustache and beard he is sporting later on in the game?

            Awesome detail on the armor and the blade. Keep it up.

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              as it is his legs seem a little too skinny and too short, in comparison to his torso, also, his right wrist seems a tad slim in comparison to how wide his shoulders appear under the armor. someone with shoulders that muscular would have larger forearms to match, unless they just had a bizzare way of working out.

              I'm not *terribly* familiar with the game, only played it for about half an hour a few months ago, but from an anatomical standpoint thats what I see. I would make sure the body and basic design of the background and surrounding objects are all one before you put too much more detail in there, it'll save a lot of frustration if you end up having to correct something.

              looks great! want to see more progress on it!
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                I've made most of the amendments suggested, particularly the length/thickness of the legs and arms. Also tried my best to incorporate PalTino's insanely accurate knowledge of Ezio.

                Do you think I should keep this in pencil only or get out the pens?


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