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2 WIPs I could use some help with

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  • 2 WIPs I could use some help with

    That's my fiancée. I'm not really all that happy with the job I've done so far...

    This He-Man is still in early phases, I could definitely use help on this. The Castle Grayskull/back ground is mine, the rest of the lines belong to deemonproductions on dA. You can find the original lines here.
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    On the first one, you've made her nose longer than it is in the reference, and it changes her face because of it. It makes her look more manly. I would also suggest filling her teeth out on the right side of her face. You've omitted a portion of her smile that is in the reference. You've also reduced her forehead slightly. You may be against it, but it may be worth tracing it in Photoshop just for the outlines of her face.

    On the second one, the only thing I would suggest is not having the Skeletor in the graphic element in front of the castle background. It looks weird and doesn't work, imo. Either that, or omit the background completely.

    That's really all I've got. Hope it helps a little.
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      minor update


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        Yeah, that portrait...I think in your pursuit of realism you actually made it less realistic. You dilated her pupils, added that weird space in the mouth, took all the lively tone from her skin, and added some unnecessary lines. She looks fine in the photo, but what you drew now isn't flattering....might help to simplify your lines and use some of your cartooning knowledge to bring a bit more life to the drawing.

        The he-man drawing is looking good so far.
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          Such a big sword and a very thin handle?
          THe sword looks bland(less rendered) compared to the figure,
          maybe some light reflecting off of it?

          Give him a shadow to make him more planted and not floating?

          Hope this helps.


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            I'm not certain of your working method. If you scanned the picture in and drew on top of it, the scan should have been higher. That would resolve a lot of your problems with the first image.


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              I agree with the previous crits about both pieces, covie. The teeth look odd in the portrait and the nose is too long. The lack of lips and the pale coloring give it a more masculine feeling. I know it "feels" like a cheat, but most professional portrait artists use a grid or trace a photo to make sure the proportions are right if they need to capture a likeness. The only real exception to that would be a caricature artist where exaggeration is expected.

              The He-Man piece looks good, but composition-wise I would move the Greyskull castle to the upper right corner (reversed from where it is in the first example). Then I would move the skeletor face a bit to the left so that the red chestpiece on HM's chest is even with Skeletor's left (our right) eye socket. I think with just a few tweaks it will be a much more visually dramatic illustration.
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                Diggin your images, although Skeletor appears to be sniffing He-man.
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                  Where are her lips?!

                  On the He-Man pic you really need to settle on a light source. It seems he's simply being illuminated from everywhere.


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