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    I've been there my annatomy isn't the greatest either unless I'm looking strictly at a refrence. So far I've been able to goto places like google image search and pick out a couple of poses and combine them into a unique figure for myself. Where I am there arn't alot of art classes and rarly do I see one for drawing. The best thing you could is keep looking around for ways to improve your art.

    I checked out this video series the structure of man. It's very good as far as teaching you how to develop your own technique in drawing.

    There are some other things you can do. I seen one suggestion in the tips and tricks(also where I found out about the stucture of man) section about a site where you basically sit down and draw what it puts up on the screen when it changes you draw the next thing. This is suppose to help you as well, but I can't speak to it because I neither have tried it or can find the link at the moment.

    Hang in there, you don't need to be a professional you just need to keep trying to learn more and more. Keep reaching out to new sources of informtion. Check out the Tips and Tricks forum it's a great place to find information on technique and tools.

    Welcome to penciljack


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      I found what I was looking for. This is the site that had all the different poses that you try to draw a new one every 30 seconds. I would recommend using some scrap paper and just going to it. The goal is to get as much done in the time given to increase your accuracy with the outlining of the body(I believe someone can correct me).


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