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Darn bearz! Needs help!

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  • Darn bearz! Needs help!

    Iv just brought a wacom tablet last summer and have been practicing my digital painting this happens to be my first time using photoshop like this...i can not figure out metal objects when painting..i need some tips

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    Have you looked for metal tutorials on the interwebs? There's bound to be a trillion of them.

    What the hell is going on with this bear anyway? Is he some kind of bondage loving pirate bear?
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      lol, i dunno, i was trying to incorporate different textures...but ya imma keep looking for tutorials.... thanx


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        It looks okay to me, I mean I know it's metal when I look at it. I'm no expert, but depending on the material, adding more shine (or even a hint of reflection) might help. Also, the ring on the bear's ear looks a bit distorted, edges look hard on the top portion but look soft below. I think you can also make the inside part of the ring darker to make it more distinct/give it more depth. Don't take my word for it though, wait for the experts to comment

        And, as mentioned, there are lots of tutorials in the net. Check youtube, try seeing how ironman or cars are painted. Goodluck!


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          Lots of Contrast=Metals show strong highlights,make them as bright as the light source not the brightest thing in your picture if that makes sense and if it doesn't just make it brighter and more hard edged than you think it should be and it will be right, and equally so with your darks.
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