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alcohol marker practice

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  • alcohol marker practice

    silas mot from kent holloway's grim days mystery series
    how its made

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    In the video, are you drawing on a lightbox or is that a large tablet? It looks like you sketched in the notebook, enlarged the sketch, and then lined over it--is that right?

    Your linework is awesome. Personally, I would like to see a flatter approach to the color like a duotone or manga or Mike Mignola treatment. The strokiness of the markers gives it a watery impressionistic feel that kinda works against the lines imo. Still a nice image though.
    sketchbook thread


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      i enlarge & print it on 11x17, its a lightbox.
      if you have a request ill draw one for you. ill mail it to you for free if you want.

      actually this ones up for grabs too, apparently.


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        The picture is really beautiful I don't know what material you are drawing on: paper, phone... If you want to edit that picture you can visit the website to get photo editing apps and not cost anything
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