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New black & white double page spread

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  • New black & white double page spread

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    just kidding heres the real one.


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      I was going to say your B/W work is not bad but learn your contrasting...B/W is tricky..just check out any 1940-50 noir..or older......Your color in between your 2 figures is a tad distracting..they are kinda getting lost..I'd tone the BG down... ( just an old artist opinion ) Keep That Pencil Busy!
      Keep that Pencil Busy!


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        Awesome work! But maybe look more for balance in detail and linework?
        You could make images like this look more finished by doing less, in my opinion. The texturing and coloring you do lends itself to a more digitally painted style, while your linework is very defined. The two don't really mix. The clearest example is the grwwn snout appearing in the bottom right corner. You have linework and hatching that gives good detail and motion, then you have coloring with some gradient between dark and light that doesn't follow the hatching precisely, and then you have some blood using texture brushes that don't follow your linework.

        my thought is that you could either:
        A) immerse yourself a bit more into the inking. Block in shadows and apply some hatching, work detail rather that digital texturing. You're already basically there. Then when you apply coloring use less smudging and gradients and skip most of the texturing you do with brushes. Try coloring with more defined fields of colors to bring out the detailing in your line-work, and do shading with a mask or layer over your colors to create a coherent toning.
        B) Move away from having so much defined lines and treat it more like a painting. build up your shapes with traditional shading and coloring techniques. This would but some demand on your ability to work without lines, and take more practice and longer time per page, but you're leaning that direction with your coloring technique and use of digital brushes.

        You're heading somewhere really interesting with your work. It's like looking at the early chapters of attack on titan


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          This is an epic showdown! It's just so good, dripping with kinetic energy!

          I love your colouring so much, no one else is doing what you're doing. It carries a sense of REALISM that nobody else has. And this might be the only time I critique it: I think the demon needs some way to distinguish him from the background. He's got two light sources on him, but he's blending in with the murk of the scene (which I would normally love, except I think he's intended to jump out as a threat in this picture).

          Seriously, though, I can't give you enough praise for this colouring style you're pioneering. So killer!


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