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  • A one page comic

    So i was recently listening to a podcast called "make it then tell everyone" ( nice little podcast) and the guest was tillie walden and she talked about not worrying about perfect pages and just creating and moving on. If you mess up, learn from it and keep going so i decided to draw a simple idea i had for a comic. Considering i tell myself i want to be a comic artist i've done next to no sequentials! i think i'm afraid of comic sized pages because that's for "Comics". so i said f it and three this idea down on paper. it's on a4 and messy but it's a finished page that i drew, which i haven't ever really had before! so... any and all c & c is always welcome!

    Thanks for taking a look!

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    Ha! Funny. Pretty good story telling for never doing pages


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      Thanks! I planned it out as a three page comic with the bottom panel being the third page but was too intimidated to do three pages! Thanks for the encouragment man! Really helps!

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        Hahaha! I love got it in you Eoin Don't be intimidated by Comic Size Art-boards...that said..I know some Philippine artist that do there work on 8 1/5 X 14 boards your drawing boundaries are 7 3/4 plus a 16th by 11 3/4 minus a 16....Right now I'm working with the traditional Comic page....But! before I started this " 15 Minutes " ( a colab I'm doing with Chris Columbus ) I was Loving doing " Silent Nick " which is done at the smaller size ( check out pg 52 on my art-blog for samples ) I found it easier to complete pages and I did not sacrifice a thing..
        Nice Work on this...
        Keep that Pencil Busy!


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