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Please make new threads for new pages

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  • Please make new threads for new pages

    I've been implementing this new rule in the SA forum for a few weeks, but as I've gotten a couple recent questions about it, I thought I'd make a sticky thread.

    Basically, some of the mods noticed that there are people coming to Penciljack and just dumping new pages and artwork into one thread, leaving, and never responding to any criticism. There also seems to be a problem that when people add new pages to old threads, Penciljack members tend to pass the threads by because they think it's just new comments, and thus the newer pages don't get any critiques.

    So, to combat this, as Sequential Mod I've started making new threads for new pages. If you make changes to a page from an already existing thread, feel free to add it to the original thread, but for all new pieces of artwork, at least in the SA forum, it requires a new thread.

    If you would rather have all your pages or artwork in one thread, please PM me and I will move your thread to the Member Art Blog section, or merge it with an art blog thread if you already have one.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.
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