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A little project Ive been working on

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  • A little project Ive been working on

    Hey guys these are some pages from something ive been working on. I will have to separate the posts cause theres 19 pages

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    Very nice! Nice style and storytelling is clear.

    Just too many close-ups and watch out for awkward cropping like the last panel on the last page where a pinky and bottom of mouth are cropped.
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      Great clean work and good storytelling, but maybe a few too many talking heads.


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        Furry Animals Are So Intersting Even When Doing Nothing

        I love the way you did the fur.

        A solution to the close-up delimma would be to back the camera as though you're doing an establishing shot for the third page. It wouldn't be totally necessary since you clearly identified where the character's are located, but you'll be giving you characters a relief from all the close-up babbles. Another idea would be to pull back the camera to tell where in the hamster cage are the main characters interacting at. One could be drinking water while the other is getting nuggets from the feed. That might also help work around the space of that panel to add a little more dialouge overall.

        I really admire your cartoonish animal style; it reminds me of a story I read on the Zuda Comic web site.

        Hope to see more.


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          I agree with the too many talking heads crit but I'm also really curious about the dialogue. If the dialogue is fun enough people probably wouldn't notice all the close ups? Other than that, you've got a great style and I'd love to see more!
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            Agree with the close ups. Also, many of the close ups leave no room for dialog.
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              Wonderful style and I love the way, as someone else said,you did the fur.
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