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  • Disney style comic

    Hi, this is a comic project Disney style (first time with that kind of project) and I'm trying with layouts. Comments will help. Thanks a lot.

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    I'm really liking the emotion you have invested in these characters. Am looking forward to seeing this finished...
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      You had the lady on the right and the guy in the left in all the pages except the last. I would maybe flip the last page to not cross the imaginary line?

      Looking really good. Love how big the room looks. Let's see this more done
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        Thank you Mr. Hades, I'm very glad you like it.
        Alfred, that's my battle today! I wanted to make the characters look at the diamond to the right to take us visually turning for the next page, so if I put the woman at right is difficult that she keeps the right wounded hand of Dean. But you're right, so I don't know what to do. Let's go on work! maybe I'll find it...
        Thanks for the look and comments!


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          Her being on the left in the last panel makes sense. She is tending to his right hand. She walks into the room from the right side of our view. He holds up his right hand and thats on the left. She looks down at it then is on the left side tending to it. I see see no issue with her being on the left side in the last panel.


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            Hey Mikel, it's Ale.

            Just noticed that in the second panel of page three the injured hand is the left hand, when it should be his right!


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              Yes, Ale, I know it. I was playing flipping panels. I will change the wounded hand in the final panel. Thanks anyway!

              Copyright note: Characters and story property of Alejandro Puyana.


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                This is a good start Mike
                You did hear Disney bought Marvel.
                Keep that Pencil Busy!


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                  You nailed it, Bryan


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