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Cabron Pistolero western horror mini

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  • Cabron Pistolero western horror mini

    Haven't posted here in like forever.
    Just something I was doing to see how long it takes for me to layout, pencil and ink sequential pages. These were done kinda quickly so the pacing and layout isn't all there and some of the art is kind of lacking other than that its not too bad. Probably need to spend more time on the panels with some more details and then there's some tangents that bug me as well. This was more of an exercise than anything else. was going to add in dialogue but decided not too. let me know what you think.crits, scathing remarks all is welcomed.
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    There are some really spectacular panels here! I love the third to last (after the ghoul gets shot and is laying there steaming and festering). Also, that first panel of the second post is really great. The angle lends really well to the upcoming action. the really fine swirling white line work is really great too.

    The only area I really have a problem with is the conversation panels, and maybe that would be resolved with the addition of text. I feel like there are some areas where your background washes don't quite meet up with the characters and create a sort of halo effect (although I understand some of that is desired for when he gets zapped into the "dreamland"). The panels that you use less gray washes seem to look much more clean and confident. I'd like to see it with some dialog and I'd like to see the resolution to this story!



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      I thought the layouts turned out pretty good. I don't know if you have much room for dialogue bubbles if you get around to adding those, but the storytelling is pretty smooth, I knew what was going on even without the dialogue, which is a good sign.

      "GWAR"... is that a reference to the band?

      Awesome work, man.
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        godchicken: I like the stark black and white compared to the pages with washes but I did some experiminting with different things here to see what looked good what didn't how to cut time without losing quality. Page 4 (the first page on the 2nd post) I used a micro pen .01 to do all the line work first then came back and added in black with a broad brush where as all the other pages were straight up brush. just seeing if I can do the page quicker with out losing the look and quality of the drawings. It was a bit quicker but wasn't to happy with the look of the line quality.
        I hadn't planned on continuing the story I kinda felt like that was a good ending point. especially this was more of an exercise to see how much work and how quickly I could work doing sequential and trying out different techniques.

        r.smith: Yeah a kinda reference to Gwar being that its a demon bursting out of a.....demon plus it was a fitting sound to accompany the action I can vividly picture in my head this enraged beast of a demon bursting out of his lifeless body with the resounding sound GWAR and the crackling of fire wood in the background.
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          I think they're incredible. very expressive and dynamic.
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