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    Originally posted by humble-tomato View Post

    I'm afraid not. I tried looking and buying books when I was starting out as a storyboard artist, but I found studying comics, films, animations and trying out making mistakes are the best way.
    As your mideum is comic, when you read your favourite comics, trying to see what the script might have been, and what challeges there might have been, and how the problem solving was made might help. Just do it casually, hopefully over time they will become yours.
    Darn! Now I remember when I was in my teens and innocently thought that the hardest part to learn was anatomy.


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      Originally posted by LEMullin View Post

      I try to do it, but it's not easy! maybe trying to tell a story too fast..I usually come up with 1 idea...then change it...think on it a make changes..and even when I think I got it nailed...and do my name it..will have a suggestion that would make it better...( so I save those those thoughts for next time )..
      Keep that Pencil Busy!


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        I think you're right, I may be trying to tell the story too fast. I'll try to spend more time on the page's composition. Thank you!

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      Just Keep That Pencil Busy!..
      Keep that Pencil Busy!


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