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  • Ominus

    Hello everyone!! I hope you guys are doing well, I just wanted to keep you guys updated on what I've been doing over these last few months that I've been absent. I've been drawing a lot of fan art as I always have and I've decided to finally stop and take the plunge into sequential art! I'm working on my own comic, I've titled it OMINUS and I've started working on it since November of 2022.

    I'm actually starting things off with a short 10-page preview, which contains a short story of some of my characters. The story is non-canon and I thought it be a fun way to introduce people to the world I hope to create. If things goes well, I should start the actual comic later this year. Here, I have the cover art, the logo, the cover with the logo and the 1st two pages. As always any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I'll do my best to keep you guys updated on the book. I'll probably put the book out on Gumroad in a digital format once it's done. Thank you for your attention, be safe!




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    For some reason, I couldn't include the sequential pages in the original post. Here they are.

    This is Page 1:


    Here is Page 2:


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      As much as we like to think that exciting illustrations sell a book, in a great number of stores the logo is the only thing that shows. The logo needs to pop from across the room. Here, the contrast between font and field is so close the logo is nearly unreadable. Printed in black it fades into the BG, you want it in the foreground.

      Your sword or sword hand (take your pick) is off by 90°. I wouldn't bother to change it here as most people won't notice but, you should know. The edge of the blade points in the same direction as the knuckles



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