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  • Bizzare splash page

    I asked a friend of mine to write a short script for me for practice. Here's the first page of that script. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever drawn and it only gets weirder from here. I had fun doing it, though.

    I'm linking it because there is some mild nudity. Nothing too bad, just some breasts (not the kind you'd want to see I think).

    As usual, I'd really appreciate some C&C.
    Thanks in advance.

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    That's pretty nasty dude... the scene, not the art.
    A few realism errors, but nothing I think the common person might be able to point out. And you did say you were aiming more for funny than realism right? Although the two can go hand-in-hand though they usually don't.
    Anyways in real-life, even if it were a psycho-lab, it would probably be set up a bit different with a team of doctors working on each "patient" individually. The patients can still be in the same room, but usually they're not. And the way the liposuction vaccuums are just jammed in there it doesn't appear the "doctors" care too much about massive internal trauma or just what they suck out in addition to fat.


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      In the story, the hospital has one doctor, an assistant and a sexy nurse, of course. Apparently the doctor is overworked so he's doing three at a time.

      I was actually well into researching liposuction when my friend said to forget it since we're throwing out realism out the window completely


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        Ha, I dig this. The detail of the filth on the walls and the assistant punching the monitor are good touches.

        The fault I see on this page is the machine does not look very functional. For humors sake you could go for a Rube Goldberg effect. Otherwise just Google up some pictures of real medical equipment and piece them together.


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          Thanks, suddenbeard. For the record, none of the equipment was supposed to be ever remotely functional. You'd understand how idiotic the whole story is if you saw the script/next pages. None of it is supposed to make sense


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