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    Hello everyone, this is my entry for this month's PUMMEL match. Please let me know what you think. Any and all constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks again for your help!!

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    Hey Elliot! Life's been kicking my butt this month so I am JUST getting a chance to post on this!

    As I mentioned in the Pummel thread, I like the classic feel of this drawing! You nailed the turtles' looks and genre. I am a fan of the detail you put into the scenery! The texture of the brickwork is good stuff.

    A couple things that I can spot that might be detracting from the piece:
    • The shadows beneath Leo and Don make them appear to be floating a bit. This may have to do with the way their feet are shaded along with the black of the shadows. A reflective light edge in places would help this. Additionally, it looks like their shadows aren't consistent with other elements on the same plane they are on.
    • The light/shadow aren't really consistent across the piece. It appears from the pipes in front of the turtles that the light is coming from the foreground on the left. This would cast their shadows back and to the right. Additionally, a good chunk of Don's (and Mikey's) chest and (their left) limbs would be fairly cast in shadow as well. On all the turtles' masks, they are lit to have a lightsource coming from behind them. Cast a shadow across their bodies where their weapons would block the light source, too! Creates a good visual element.
    • The weapons aren't aligned with their hands consistently, most notably with Leo and Raph. Leo's front facing sword (his left) would likely be showing the thin face/sharp edge rather than the flat face of the sword. Raph's front facing sai would be similarly angled, to match the angle of his hand. I think Smitty has detailed the way weapons are angled based upon the hand positions.I have to say though, Mikey's nunchucks are great! I love the spinning effect.
    • Line depth on the midground scenery is causing confusion. Where the building elements cross behind Leo and Don in the picture it creates a few minor clarity spots. A bit more line depth around the "outside edges" of the buildings would clarify that.
    All in all, I'm a fan of the piece! Your background and scenery elements are visually appealing and don't detract from the "stars of the show". The posing is very "TMNT", and your style works well for this piece.


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      hoosiermouse , Thanks man for the feedback!! I really appreciate it and I must say, you really nailed the critique, your suggestions are all on point. I think that the reflective part would've worked wonders with the bottom of the feet suggestion that you mentioned, I hadn't thought about that when I was rendering, but yeah, that would've gone a long way to help them keep their feet on the ground.

      I also forgot to put cast shadows on Mike and Donnie, their limbs are definitely behind the light source and I should've shaded that in. I was also looking back at another critique that I had seen from Smitty and yeah, I should've either changed the angle of Raph's and Leo's hands or the angle of their weapons, they're not aligned, as you say. The lineweight on the building behind Leo and Don could really have been a bit thicker, I don't know why I didn't make it heavier, I guess it was to not cause any confusion with Leo and Donnie, but I could've at least found some middle ground there. They're all things I completely overlooked when rendering the drawing. Thanks again for pointing these things out, I'll try to be a bit more careful with this for the next drawing.


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