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  • A Few Clerihews

    Some illustrated "clerihews" I made for fun. Never heard of a "clerihew" until a few years ago - they're a bit like a Limerick but not quite. lots of fun trying to think them up, would like to make more sometime.

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    Your retro. yet refreshing. I love it
    Deviant Art | Youtube


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      These are great!
      sketchbook thread


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        Love the crisp retro art style! I could see these in Mad Magazine, Cracked, or Crazy. I noticed that you have a bald character theme. The last one reminds me of Lex Luthor, but the first one with Rollo San Paco is my favorite. Thumbs up on all of them!


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          Thanks for taking a look and the replies. MAD has always been one of my favourites - my father liked comics and was a big fan of MAD and we kids grew up with the old pocket books (I'm in my late 40's). When I was young I never really understood the humour but the art - I loved it. Always thought it was a little bit scary- being almost realistic but not quite- it was like discovering a different world. I did have a page in a Dutch version of MAD about 10 years ago, but it wasn't something I wrote and many other artists could have done it lots better, I'm afraid. But it was nice to try it.

          And I didn't realize these guys were all bald until I read your post - didn't mean to do it, just came out that way I suppose.


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