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art book cover: which one please?

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  • art book cover: which one please?


    I'm finalising the art book of a game I worked on, and my programmer colleague and me we can't set on the cover, can you help us?

    The two candidates:

    the image marked as 01 shares the subject with the coordinate image of the game (it's a version of the image we used for the game's marketing): I don't subscribe to the assumption we should make it a forced choice, because of that; I'm open to both.

    Which do you think we should use?

    (Also, I'm open to criticism on them which is not strictly related to the choice: if I can make either better, I welcome your input. Thanks!)

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    The first one has a more pleasing design and looks like what I'd expect to see on a book cover in a store. But I'd probably never pick that book up. The second cover is eye-catching even if it's not as, well, "book coverish".

    Edit: Actually, the more I look at the second one, the more it grows on me. I'd definitely pick it up to see what it's about.
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      image 2 is easier to read.
      image 1 could be took me a while to read the hand, but the lighting is more dramatic...
      Welcome and good luck!


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        The first one is more eye catching. The hand could be rendered better.
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          Thank you everybody!


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            Put in a worms silhouette on the first one and you got a winner. Still take care of that hand though.

            Did a small mockup, hope thats ok with you :
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