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Rollo Bridge - cartoon for fun

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  • Rollo Bridge - cartoon for fun

    Just a quick drawing for some fun. Could go darker with the colours in areas or use more blacks I think, but it was nice to do. Crits always welcome, to get better at things (to get things more coherent is always a challenge, it's kind of chaotic right now maybe). and a good new year to everyone, of course!

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    I probably dont get any of the innuendos thrown in there and it still is a lot of fun to look at this panel
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      I like this. Lots of weird stuff going on that I don't quite understand but it's fun to take in. I like the colors as you have them. Reminds me a bit of Charles Burns too. Have a good new year and keep making more good art like this.


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        Thanks for the replies - making this kind of picture is always fun, even if there's no real point to it. Nothing has a meaning or anything - just drawing things where there's room, and also for a bit of practice with perspective. Colours give me trouble - I don't use gradients much (maybe for a sky or fire) and don't really have the patience (or talent) for fancier/more subtle colouring. Something like this already takes me 6 or 7 hours to colour in... So I do try to keep it simple and fairly bold, hope it suits the style of the drawing.

        Charles Burns draws great, his inking is just amazing (I've was lucky enough to have had a short comic published in an anthology last spring that included some of his work - it's something I'll always find inspiring). The past week or so I've been re-reading "Perfect Nonsense" (about the art, games and comics of George Carlson) along with "MAD's - The Original Idiots - Bill Elder" and couldn't help but want to make a big picture with things going on. I love Bill Elder's work, it's hilarious. I open his book and my eyes just can't take it all in.


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          I think you're coloring is perfect for the style of linework you're doing. I wish I could pull off a minimalist style like that but it just never seems to work out for me.

          Love your work, hope you keep posting more here.
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            So the other stuff is all just kind of random? It's intriguing though, especially the little guy with the gun. I hope you reuse some of it. I think the style of coloring is perfect for the pic too. That's really cool getting published in an anthology with Charles Burns and thanks for the book tip, "Perfect Nonsense" looks delightful. Keep the great art coming.


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              Love it! My favorite is the little guy with the gun.
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                Thanks for the kind words, Rene!


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