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Extremely F#$%cking Nigh

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  • Extremely F#$%cking Nigh

    pencils by Jose Vinageras

    written,inked,colored by me

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    Hey, I think the colours could use some variety because now the grass is 100% green, sky is 100% blue, trees are 100% brown with some value variation but that's that. I don't feel the form on the objects, like where is the light coming from in the first panel? The trees look like they're lit by a spotlight, they're so bright. If it's a forest in the middle of starry night with a clear sky I guess the sky would be lighter than the trees and they would appear to be black most likely. It would enhance the scariness of the glowing eyes as well if they were shrouded in darkness. Differentiating the foreground from the background with value might also help. Also the red frame on the insert panel jumps out like crazy and I don't see any reason for it. Cheers!


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      Yeah I'm color blind so my coloring options are limited, as for the light source it's supposed to be in the middle of the night and I dont know how to color that so I made the light source directed at the character to keep the background shadowy.

      the red framed definitely looks awful but I actually drew a frame for it on the final and uploaded the wrong image.

      I'll definitely look into your advice though I have very limited knowledge on coloring and all the input is helpful


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        Hmm, so you have to work around that. Focus on just the values, getting that right is the key anyway. Always gather some reference, from photos or other artists' work to see how they deal with similar situations. Take a look at this:

        I would say that with a forest at night you don't have to be realistic anyway - it's kinda scary and your perception of it is distorted, branches looking like arms, bushes like wild animals etc.


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          Ah ok I see what you're saying. These pictures are a huge help


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