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Battle Dwarf standing

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  • Battle Dwarf standing

    Hope that you like this...

    ​​​​​​​pencil and India ink

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    I'm not an expert on Dwarf (and the similar), but I feel that the arms are too long.


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      Good job, I like the detail on his buckle and the runic lettering on the strap, I would move his left shoulder behind the axe so its resting rather than floating, for a dwarf I would consider widening his frame and enlarging his head slightly, Is the beard intentionally tucked into his belt? moving his head is gonna be a problem
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        More underdrawing and perspective please.

        What we can't see is far more important than what we can. You need to nail the "invisible" stuff first. Shoulders and feet place horizon above, belt says it's level with the horizon. One of those has to be wrong. There's no space for a nose under the guard. Doesn't matter if the nose get's covered or erased, it has to be drawn first so you can place the guard on top rather than underneath.

        Always draw the footprint before the foot. Doesn't matter that the footprint doesn't show or gets erased or covered. Until you accurately place the "invisible" footprint, you cannot accurately place the visible foot

        Same with the shield. Until the arm is drawn you cannot place a shield on top. Swing an arc from the waist to locate the elbow, draw the arm. Now that you know where the lower arm is you can locate the "invisible" straps. The straps will dictate the center of the shield. Build a bounding box around that point and draw the circle it contains. Note how nearly all the arm is covered. This does NOT mean we wasted time in drawing it! It means we did what was needed to accurately place the shield.

        Moral of the story: Draw inside out not outside in.


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          Thank you very much everyone for your advice! Stoat, the beard getting tucked into the belt is a nod to Tolkien who often described the dwarves as such; especially the Iron Hills dwarves.

          I agree that he's a bit too lean for a dwarf, sevans73

          Smitty, thanks so much for your input. I'd love if you dissect more of my stuff. When you say "place horizon above" do you mean that the perspective horizon line is above the dwarf's head as suggested by the shoulders and the feet? Thank you!


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