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Amanda Seyfried from "In Time"

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  • Amanda Seyfried from "In Time"

    Comment if you like.

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    The photo reference I used:


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      Good job, I think this is your best work. Be careful when working from photos with diffuse lighting like that, the subtle tones can be difficult to get right--her neck area in the photo has a greenish tint. Yours is more of a desaturated brown so it looks more like dirt than shadow. You could push the values around her nose and chin more, emphasize the corners of the mouth more, and extend her eyebrows a bit more but the likeness is there.
      sketchbook thread


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        I think you have a good sense of colours. (did I say that before?) Love your take on the hair colour.
        A few things that reduce the whole quality for me is.. The space between her eyes are too wide. It should be about one eye space.(Just a tad wider in her case)
        Her bottom eye lids are a bit too droopy, especially her right eye, causing her eyes look bulge out too much.
        Her left outer eye corner is too round and open, again causing bulged out or doll eye look.
        I believe those fixes are easy in digital.


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