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  • Page 1 of a 3 page short story

    Page 1 of a 3 page short story for a comic anthology compilation a couple of years ago. I certainly would have put in a lot more detail if I had more time before the print deadline.
    The story was named " Identity" after the theme of the anthology. The flying creature came to Earth to steal souls to maintain its memory and identity.

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    I love the detail and the shading on the space ship. It looks really cool. The figures of the humans look a little off, though. They're very stiff and their facial proportions are a bit off. I think there could be a bit more work on the human anatomy, Also,you might want to consider a bit more shading on the bottom panel, There's some nice black and white variation on the top, but on the bottom it's mostly just white, which kind of gives the composition an imbalanced look.


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      Agreed with Sid. without seeing the second 2 pages I would guess by your description the people in panel 2 are all soulless zombies? if not, then my other guess would be the crowd is reacting to the space ship above, except minus what I think are a few surprised faces, your storytelling didn't show that at all. I think either way, you probably could've established all of this in just 1 giant splash page. right now you establish a space ship over a city, smoke/clouds (or trees?) blanket the city, then a group of people standing, no smoke, no gesture, so it becomes disjointed as to what is actually happening.


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