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Space Ghost- for the everbrawl!

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  • Space Ghost- for the everbrawl!

    My entry for the everbrawl. Head over to the proving ground forum and vote, there are some great entries!

    As you can see, this piece is finished but i would love to get some critiques and comments on whats wrong with it! draw overs and anything else helpful are not only welcome but very much appreciated!

    @barcswow on twitter and instagram

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    I would just say to make him feel more "heroic" I would shrink his head a bit, and then his eyes just slightly. And the down arm feels too short and awkwardly posed. really it's all about just watching your proportions. Rest of the body looks great!


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      domo- thanks for the feedback! as i said this was finished already but i tried out some of your tips with some quick edits!

      @barcswow on twitter and instagram


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        This is finished but, things to think about next time... Watch your rotations.

        Knees and feet point in the same direction. IF the right foot is in profile (and it is) THEN the right leg is sideways to the body and parallel to the shoulders. We want the leg forward, perpendicular to the shoulders.

        Think of the lower leg as the radius of a circle with the knee cap as the origin. BUT... we're at an angle so we have no origin or radius, we have an ellipse with loci and axes.

        Draw a line (red) from VP through the kneecap; This is the Minor Axis. Draw a perpendicular through the kneecap; This is the Major Axis. The resulting elliptical arc is the path the foot will follow. The foot can fall anywhere along the arc.

        Draw a bounding box (light blue) in which the sole of the foot, or footprint, will fit. Draw the footprint (dark blue). Always draw the invisible stuff that won't see print first. The stuff we can't see defines what we can. It will get covered or erased later but, draw the invisible stuff first if only in your mind.

        Build the foot on top of the footprint (black) Follow the inside line, build up and over on the outside line. With foot firmly established, attach foot to knee by drawing the lower leg.

        Beware outward hyper-rotation. Palms in towards the body. Left leg: rotate knee inward or foot outward. Unless the foot is planted and under stress, knees and feet point in the same direction.


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          Smitty- thank you so much for taking the time ,not only to show me the problems with this piece, but to explain the corrections in a way that i can use on all my work from now on! I really, genuinely, appreciate it more than i could say!
          "The stuff we can't see defines what we can." that line in particular struck home! thanks again!

          @barcswow on twitter and instagram


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