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A cozy evening + animation experiment

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  • A cozy evening + animation experiment

    Hey! I I drew a little cyberpunk scene and since I'm using CSP rather than Photoshop, I decided to try out its 2D animation features. I have zero experience in 2d or any other kind of animation so it was a challenge, even though there's just a couple of small things moving. The turning car took me ages to figure out and draw more or less correctly in perspective. Now I see why virtually all animation is 3D based nowadays...

    Anyway, it was a fun experiment

    Here's the main image:

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    nice work! some colours and moving lights would really make this fantastic!

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      For like..... half a second I thought I was seeing things when the compressor in the vr machine thing moved. Then finally the cars outside start showing life and I read your description lol. That REALLY cool man! Really great tech, and I like the clothes thrown in various areas. there's a little inconsistency understandably with the caution checkers, where on the left it looks like it's on the floor, but on the right, it's on the wall. Could just be a matter of shifting the left check a bit more north/south to match the right wall. Otherwise, that car turn is perfect. Great stuff man! Cheers!


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        I can't see the animation... just a still picture.
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          A little update!

          Here are the colours:
          And here's a slightly animated version with music, for those who enjoy the vaporwave/synthwave nostalgia:


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            Nice colour as always but I wish the noise effect was minimal. right now it feels too dirty and low rez. Almost makes me feel like I don't want to look at this poor image quality anymore. Nice job nevertheless


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              Originally posted by humble-tomato View Post
              Nice colour as always
              Thanks, I feel like I always struggle a lot with colours

              I guess I went overboard with the old VCR effects but for some odd reason I like looking at it. I generally start disliking my own work somewhere around the next day I finish it but I still enjoy this one. Anyway, it was originally meant to be a still image, the audio/animation was a later addition so it's more of a weird bonus. I'm planning on some more images with a similar vibe so next time I'll try to incorporate some animation at an earlier stage of the drawing and tone down the effects.


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                Awww man, no cars in the background in the colored version? sad LOL ..... But seriously colors look great, though I'd be curious to see what it looked like if you pushed the storytelling by separating the inside from the outside. Maybe something like giving the inside more of a colder, blue/greener feel separating it from the outside purple will REAAALLY give a sense of that pink light source coming from a popping in framing her with it's outside warmth.


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