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    Hey everyone! Here is some of my ink work. The first piece is my inks over Olivier Coipel's pencils, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th piece is my inks over Caio Marcus' pencils and the 5th piece is my inks over Brett Booth's pencils. I'd love to know what you all think of them ! thanks for looking!

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    don't know what you were going for on pic 2, but giving Spidey a left boob surely wasn't the intent...
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      Hmmmmm........I think I might revisit a few books or tutorials on inking if this is something you want to do professionally. Just off hand your line weights aren't consistent with lighting, form or depth, and your hatching feels just kind of hap hazard, and standoff-ish from the heavy blacks. There are some areas where you blend it a little better (spideys' foot in the last piece, wonder womans' breastplate and knees), but even anatomically feels like you traced the black placements without knowledge of the how the form is built that you're actually outlining. I think DC has a really good book on inking by Klaus Janson. Hope that helps!


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