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Samoan Dragonsnake rider

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  • Samoan Dragonsnake rider

    Fun little piece I submitted to the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con Monster & Dames art book. Will anyone else be there? Anyways hope you guys dig it!


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    very nice.. it kinda reminds of Moana for some reason..


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      I dig! your anatomy + style + rendering = awesome


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        Nice! Love the color choices. I got a Moana vibe too, not sure why.


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          Moana was based in Samoan culture so the vibes you're feeling aren't without merit XD. I really appreciate it guys!


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            Hey Dude, really like the piece. I do think there's some area's you could improve on in the next piece.

            Your cross-hatching in the inks could be better. You could actually take the texture of the snake and incorporate it in the hatch, that'll make a whole lot of difference.
            The general shape of the snake is a little static, making it look like a little thick and short. (you could have it in & out of the water in curves)
            The eye looks blind or glazed over. could be intentional, but for me it makes the snake look a little dead
            the snake could reflect the rope more/better. specifically in the eye, cheek, eyebrow (viewer left side of the snake). on the other side of the head you should consider the reflection of the rope, it could be stronger where the rope touches and then fall off as it get further from the head.

            Just a few things I thought you could take into the next project, hope it helps you in some way.

            All in, pretty nice piece though, cheers


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              Thanks PAAK!! All thoughts definitely help in this forever growing process! Cheers!


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