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  • Catwoman

    Hi! What do you think about this? I'm trying to improve my work from imagination right now, rather than just paint/draw studies all the time. So if you have any comments about anything, composition, perspective, colours, edges, it'd be awesome to read them. I went for a stylised look, I tried approching anatomy and the figure in general more like a gesture drawing. I'm trying to find that balance between exaggeration, gesture and at least some degree of anatomical accuracy and it's so damn difficult. But I guess that's not a surprise to anyone.

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    great shot, love the game with shadows. I'm having a hard time understandig the perspective on the top legde of the building, i tryed flipping it, maybe i'm just reading it badly... i had a litlle fun with the design, hope you dont mind.
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      This is what I had in mind:

      I know it's simplistic but I didn't want too much detail to go there.
      And I could've added some more detail on the pants and feet, those seams would work nicely


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        I think the issue you're having, Josem, is the contour lines on the cylindrical object above - top left. I think they're supposed to be concave, but the shading isn't supporting the mortar lines.
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          yeah, i can see it now, hell of an optical illusion
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            Great picture, idk much about art but this looks amazing. I do a lot of writing in a way that would be awesome in a comic but with no artist.


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              Congrats on the flying leap (pardon the pun) into the deep end of the pool. Free, alive, dramatic...

              But, you asked. So...

              The horizonal VPs are too close. While the upper VP can be that close, if it were, then a tall, narrow window would appear wide and short, more landscape than portrait, because of the steepness of angle.

              The building is not a slide. She's jumped off of an overhang. Get some separation between her and the building.

              Beware lighting that contradicts or competes with the perspective. Try stokes subject to building's perspective or the perspective of the light

              Drop the head to get it forward. Back and up is "Eek!" Forward, out, down is "Snarl!"

              With arms back, turn palms in (her left). If palms are down (her right), move forearm forward.

              Beware double knees, broken bones and stunted lower legs. The curve in the back of the heel mates with the curve of the butt

              REAL LIVE LETTERING! Great day in the morning, sing glory hallelujeah!

              Think individual strokes. Your "N" appears to be a single down, up, diagonal, up stroke. As a result if often looks like a "W". Try: down, stop, diagonal, stop, down.

              Your "C" reads like a rounded "L", the "G" reads as a rounded "E", the "S" as a lower case "b". Try 2-3 separate strokes for your "S".

              Lettering is something we should all practice whether we ever intend to letter or not. It's great stroke practice, especially with a brush. Try to get into a rhythm, think metronome or coxswain in crew racing: stroke... stroke... stroke... stroke.


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                Thanks for the comments! Right now I'm trying to draw a couple of pages from a sample Catwoman/Batman script so the pointers I got will definitely help. As for the lettering, it's the first time I've lettered anything, as far as I remember at least, and it's basically just my handwriting, which is terrible :/ I used to do a bit of traditional calligraphy to improve it so now it's at least legible. I'll probably stick to fonts for now, until I get some more practice under my belt.


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