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  • Chizumi

    Any Junji Ito fans?

    sketchbook thread

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    Tell me why I should give this a try and where to find it. Always on the lookout for good and different.
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      Junji Ito is a Japanese horror manga creator. He's known for his bizarre, surreal scenarios and liberal use of body horror. One of the first things I read by him was a story about a town where giant balloon heads of the inhabitants started showing up. Each of these heads had a noose hanging from the bottom and they would seek out their respective person and catch them with the noose, lifting them up and strangling them in the air. His masterpiece is Uzumaki, which is a story about a town that is cursed by.......a shape. A spiral that distorts reality in a variety of grotesque ways. There was at least one film version of this done in Japan, but I heard it wasn't that great.

      This character is from Dissolving Classroom, his most recent book but I wouldn't recommend it because it's a bit more repetitive than his better stories and for me personally it veers more towards black humor than horror. As far as manga artists go, I would say that he's noteworthy for doing a realistic, appealing style while also incorporating ugly, macabre, grotesque imagery.

      Edit: Some of the major works are published with English translations. Uzumaki, for example is available at Barnes and Noble. A lot of his one-shot stories are available online from different sites that do translations.
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      sketchbook thread


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