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Hela, Goddess of Death (pencils)

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  • Hela, Goddess of Death (pencils)

    I got a commission the other day and wanted to share. I'll still ink and color this but I loved how the pencils came out and consider them finished in their own right.

    I've got a detailed post on dealing with clients, commissions and how I work on my blog if there is any interest.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Very nice! I see a couple of small things here and there that could use tweaking but, it's not anything that couldn't be corrected in the later stages.


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      the sword and the skull are the weakest parts, IMO. great overall though.
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        She doesn't have the sexiest hips ever, sort of boy-like. That amorphous skull bothers me too. I also don't really believe everything below the start of the glove on the sword-holding hand either. Doesn't feel solid enough to me. That arm as a whole bugs me. It's just sort of hanging straight down with a sword shoved into the end of it. I think you could do something more exciting with the arm. What if she was holding the sword across her body?

        I do like everything from the bust up, that's what feels most resolved to me.


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          I bet the costume is hiding a bit in the hip area, you could make some cuts there to promote it a bit. Checked out the blog, the site looks nice.
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            This is some extremely nice pencil work,man. The only real weakness to me, is that skull comes off a little too flat.

            On a side note, she is very reminiscent of Tilda Swinton. Which gives me a cool vibe off this work.


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              whoa that face is great man. it really stands out to me as the best of the piece. I too have having a hard time wiht the right arm the hips are not bugging me thought all girls are different. it takes all types. I am sure you will make the right nipple less ....dominate in the final.
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                This is rockin man. I love the shading on the face. I agree with everyone's comment on the arm holding the sword. I would just point out one thing and it's the cowl. It seems to just come up out of nowhere, instead of feeling like it originates from the shoulder strap area. I think all it requires some shading around the bottom of it.
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                  WOW, great face! Reminds me of PIN-HEAD.....creepy and powerful. Love it.
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                    The hand and the sword seem a tad off - nice piece though.
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                      Two words: Viking Sword. She's a Norse Goddess, so a Viking blade seems much more appropriate than the spindly blade she's wielding in your drawing.

                      I like the figure a lot! The skull could use some work. What animal/creature is it supposed to be from??




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                        It's pretty good. i would love to see what it looks like when it is inked and colored. The face is awesome


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                          I like this!

                          Don't have anything constructive to add that hasn't already been mentioned.
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                            I love the drawing. The only thing I noticed is that the skull is rendered less well than the rest of the drawing.


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                              Thanks for all the crits and help guys. I wish I could have taken more advantage of them but I'd already finished this with inks and colors shortly after the pencils.

                              jujigatame - Thanks!

                              NickGuy - That turned into a running theme.

                              nickbachman - Thanks. I played in my initial composition with the sword crossing her but I didn't like how much focus the sword took on so I settled for the longer handle to give me a little bit of a diagonal composition wise that I wanted.

                              The_Standard - Thanks for checking out my blog. I find myself never wanting to draw the generic hot girl. Less hips was on purpose and I wanted a bit of that androgynous feel to Hela.

                              ENTITY - Thanks. Love the Tilda comparison.

                              ArmstrongArts - Nipples should always dominate.

                              Mr.Carroll - Thanks. I trying to make the cowl big in the shoulder but wrap around her to add to the sway of her body.

                              Taylea Chisum - Tilda Swinton vs. Pinhead in a battle to the death!

                              Juggertha - Hand and sword, huh. No ones mentioned that yet. <grin>

                              Bruce Lee - More than anything else not looking up some reference for the sword is my biggest regret. I'll probably just start sending all my pencil work to you to crit before I continue from now on.

                              DatDudeMifty - See below.

                              dfbovey - Thanks bovey. Means a lot coming from you.

                              Deth - Alas, that is still the case. I need to go at that before I send it off to the client.

                              Anyway, here's the inks and colors.

                              The best part is the client loved it and has commission me to do another piece. Next up is Domino from X-force. He wants her sexy with lots of guns so she'll have more hips than Hela.

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