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  • Morrigan

    From the sketch jam. I went over it with a faber castell pen-brush and some gray prisma color markers. I was trying to go for that Adam Hughes look. Any criticisms are welcome.

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    Woot, I ADORE Adam Hughes' work!

    I really like the pose, it's like she should be standing in front of a huge crowd about to give a speech :P I think the panties part by her butt is a little weird but I love how you did her hair!
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      I really like certain elements of the pic - in particular the body shape you've gone for.

      If I were to point out one little thing you could improve next time - it would be the wings (specifically, where they join her back). If you look at where you've attached them, the LEFT wing is attached just left of centre (of her spine) - above her ass. With that in mind, the RIGHT wing should be attached just to the right of her spine. However, its actually attached kinda 'on her side' - almost on her hip.

      So, yeah, just something to consider for next time
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        Very cute and i agree with Beastie the only thing looking off is the wing placement and you could simply extend the right side to connect at the same spot as the other side and she would look even better! nice use of greys as well!
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          Beastie and JC, you guys are dead on about the right wing. Not only is the placement of the "stem" off, but the wing as a whole should have more perspective, coming towards the user. Thanks for pointing that out! I didn't see that.

          <edit> Haha! I write software for a living so I think in terms of clients and users. What I meant was "coming towards the viewer" </edit>
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            I like the bats on her butt


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