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Wolverine in red and purple

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  • Wolverine in red and purple

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    pretty sweet, man. I sense a David Mack/ Bill S. influence? it comes across very well. Wish I could be more painterly like this ^_^


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      The media you used in this is extremely cool. The technique is very much "in your face" and it fills the piece with impact.

      Having said that, Wolverines pose could have been a tad more dramatic. If you consider the two extremes of this motion: the very beginning of the pose (when he starts to swing his arm) and the very end (when he is just done with the movement), you chose the very middle moment. That "choice of moment" (like Scott McLeod calls it) dilutes the action and takes away from the impact of the piece.

      You should always try to choose either extreme of the range of a motion for added impact.


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        I (respectfully) disagree with chia's comment about the pose. I think that rule should be more rule-of-thumb. The pose looks pretty intense to me. I do, however, think the pants look off. The torso and skin look thoughtfully rendered. This contrasts with the belt-loops and zipper area which look kinda rushed.
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          yeah... the zipper looks oddly 'solid'...and rotation of trousers and waist don't quite match... I also respectfully disagree on the pose... this isn't 'standard Marvel cover' in tone...I understand that the Marvel house style might dictate the emphasis upon the extremes of movement, but this works very nicely and is a fantastic portrait.
          I like it when Wolverine looks little and runty and scruffy, rather than all blowdried and Jackmanesque...


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            The pose looks okay to me too. It might just be me, but there's something off about the positioning of his head, like it's not connected to his body. Other than that, I love the colors and overall feel of the piece, keep it up.
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              Hm. *Technically* I don't really like it (left shoulder/pec seem off, face anatomy could be tighter), but viscerally it really sings. Maybe going a tad more abstract (on the face, mostly) would shut my left brain up. Intensity is super hard to capture, and you really did it here - great job.
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                wayne drake - Bill is definitely a big influence but I was also quite inspired by Jae Lee in the inking parts.

                chia - I see exactly what you're talking about but I didn't want to sacrifice my composition I had going on. You do make a great point though.

                Mr.Carroll - Yeah, I got slack on the pants. I'm always meaning to go back and do some studies on how jeans in particular fit the body. Looks like I need to push it a bit higher on the to do list.

                Doppelganger - I too like a more dirty emotional looking painting especially on a character like Wolverine.

                ITDGage - Thanks. I'll address the head in my response below.

                Mase - One of my weakest point, usually, is that emotional impact so lately I've been trying to let it hang out a little more so to speak. I 100% agree that I fudged up the face. I'm actually happy with pretty much everything except the face, the mouth in particular. I wish I'd did some additional experimenting there. Thanks for the comments, Mase. You coming to the Heroes con this year?

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                  Great energy and choice of color here. Only crit is perhaps his expression could be more feral, i.e, his mouth open wider and revealing the bottom row of teeth, but that's just me.
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