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ASH finished!!!!

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  • ASH finished!!!!

    i finished this pic of quesada's ASH. any comments or crits very welcome.[IMG][/IMG]

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    Hey, that's pretty good!

    I'm not too hot on the face or hair, or the cut off foot but the rest looks nice.

    It'd be fun to ink, for sure. Good job.


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      I really like this...the only semi negative thing I have about this though is that I kinda wish his foot wasn't cropped out, cause it would've made this illustration complete. Other than that, its pretty good. Plan on inking it and taking it further?
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        Yeah, that came out really well, I agree with the foot thing,
        but it certainly doesn't kill the drawing, just not optimal.
        Very nice!



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          thanks for the comments. yeah i know the foot thing kinda sucks but oh well i'll try to place my next pic a little better.


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            The body is brilliantly done... a real solid weight to it.... but the hair is flat and needs more work...


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              yeah now that you mention it that hair does suck. so any suggestions on the hair would be great. it started out having diferent hair but i thought the hair wasn't true to the character design.


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                It's hard because you've got to think about wind/speed lines etc. I think the general direction you had was ok, but you had no bulk... even just simply shading the underside of the hair darker than the top might help.
                I don't know the character - are there badger streaks? Bits of smoke? If so, I reckon you could get the shape and weight of the hair sorted first before these go in? Maybe use some reference, even if just a shampoo ad?


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