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TMNT 25th Anniversary

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  • TMNT 25th Anniversary

    This was my first drawing I had started for the draw off but I went with a different concept. Just for kicks, I decided to finish penciling it today-...

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    First off, you've got an awesome and uncanny sense of weight going on with these figures; they look like solid forms in three dimensions. Bravo. Your shading is also great, and adds to the tangible quality of the figures. The shells, elbow/knee pads, and sashes are my favorite renderings in this piece for the reasons above.

    On the other hand, you need a bit of work on your anatomy all around, especially the thighs and upper arms. Also, while your figures may have weight, your composition perspective has no depth. Feet are all confusingly placed on the same exact plane, jumbling things up.

    Lastly on the crit side, there's no consistency to the shapes of their faces. Don has a huge shnoz (like from the old cartoon series) and Leo's nose looks like a tapir's.

    But, for the most part, you've effectively captured the look of the early Eastman/Laird comics from Mirage (I think that's what your intent was). I like this drawing a lot.

    EDIT: You forgot to draw their wristbands too. I almost didn't notice.
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      I love this. Like Xero said, these look a lot like the early Eastman/Laird Turtles. Mike looks awesome! Are you going to add color?
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        Thanks for the compliments and criticisms!

        I attempted to fix some of the anatomy and other issues that were suggested. I had omitted the wristbands before, just because I don't like them. I inserted those back into the drawing though, as they did come off as missing. Altered Donatello's left hand and pasted in a standard polished TMNT logo from the web.

        I had made a colored version based off the original pencils that I posted in the "Pummel" thread in the proving grounds, but it is very basic.

        I'm done with this one for now. Might ink someday, but not going to recolor it.

        I appreciate the help in learning a few things from it though!


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          a great drawing of the kewlest team


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